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Your continued fundraising efforts are critical!

The dollars raised by IDF Walk for PI ensure that IDF can continue to provide educational resources and programs at no cost to individuals and families, lead the way in the fight to improve diagnosis and access to treatment, and power patient-focused research that will ultimately lead to cures of all types of PI. 

After you have registered, use the following tips, tools, and guides to achieve maximum fundraising success.


How to Personalize Your Profile and Campaign Pages for Maximum Fundraising Success
Click here to see our tutorial on how to get started setting up your page!

Team Captain Guide
If you are a Team Captain, or simply a motivated fundraiser, click here to download the official Team Captain Guide and learn the 4 Steps to Success.

Virtual Fundraising Guide 

We encourage you to use this fundraising guide which is specifically designed to provide you the support and tools you need to help fulfill our IDF's mission virtually! Click here to download the guide now. 
The IDF Walk for PI App
This year we have developed our very own IDF Walk for PI app! Our new app is available from Google Play and the App Store, so you can watch and share your progress from your phone. 

After downloading the IDF Walk for PI app, view our short three-step guide on how to best utilize the app to optimize your fundraising success. Click here to view the guide now! 

Facebook Fundraiser 
Take advantage of Facebook fundraiser. Click here for directions on how to link your Facebook fundraiser on your personal fundraising campaign.

The Power of You: 10 Ways to $100
On average, an IDF Walk for PI participant raises at least $125. In just 10 days you can be an IDF hero... click here to learn how!

Secrets to Fundraising Success
Although the average participant raises $125, many participants raise $200 or more, and top fundraisers raise over $1,000. So, what tools do top fundraisers use? Click here to see secrets to fundraising success.

50 Fundraising Ideas
Need some clever fundraising ideas to get started? Click here for 50 of them! 

Donation Collection Form
Use this helpful form to keep track of all your donations. Click to download the form.

Check Donation Guide
Please encourage donors to support you online. But if someone wants to provide you a check, click here for information on what to do.

Fundraising with Social Media
The best way to receive donations for your walk team is through www.walkforpi.org. This ensures that IDF is receiving the entire donation directly and immediately. Click here to learn more.

Giving Perks
Be sure to let all your fundraisers know about some of the great perks of giving. Click here to learn about the IDF President's Club, IDF Order of the Zebra, and the Top Team Village.