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The best way to receive donations for your walk team is through www.walkforpi.org. This ensures that IDF is receiving the entire donation directly and immediately.
There are a variety of other tools that you can use to raise funds, including Facebook, Crowd Rise, etc. While most of these are great tools, they are not the same as a donation made directly to IDF on
www.walkforpi.org. We strongly discourage the use of Go Fund Me, as donations go to the fundraiser rather than the organization.
If you choose to raise funds with one of these other options, that’s great! We appreciate your creativity as you think of new ways to raise funds. For Facebook donations, you will need to provide the list of donors to IDF in order for us to add them to your “Personal Fundraising Page.” If you decided to create a Crowd Rise campaign, please contact IDF to discuss further.
Please note that IDF is unable to provide acknowledgement for donations that aren’t made directly to IDF through