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Secrets to Fundraising Success

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Personal Emails and Social Media

When you participate in IDF Walk for Primary Immunodeficiency (PI), you raise money to help provide support and education to people in the PI community. The money raised from the walk truly makes a difference in the lives of patients and families by providing them with vital programs and resources—at no cost to them. Although the average participant raises $125, many participants raise $200 or more, and top fundraisers raise over $1,000. So, what tools do top fundraisers use? 

Send Personal Emails

Experienced participants and teams have learned that the best way to raise money is by using email. In fact, they raise two and a half times more than those who don’t. Send an email to everyone you know telling them about your personal experience with PI and your connection to IDF all while asking for their support. While you may find it difficult at first to tell your personal story and ask for donations, you may be surprised at the responses you receive! 

Tip: Ask for specific donation amounts that mean something to you! For example, ask for the number of infusions you receive in a year, the number of years it took you to be diagnosed, the age you were diagnosed, the number of needles you use for each treatment, etc. 

Sample Email:

Hi (name)!

I'm participating in the Immune Deficiency Foundation's (IDF) upcoming IDF Walk for Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) event, and I need your help.
IDF Walk for PI unites people affected by PI to help create better lives for those living with these rare, chronic disorders.

Individuals with PI often find it difficult to receive proper diagnosis, treatment, and specialized healthcare. IDF estimates that the average length of time between the onset of symptoms and diagnosis is between nine and 15 years. Patients also experience difficulties financing their healthcare, finding educational materials on the disease, and locating others with whom to share their experiences. IDF helps individuals overcome these difficulties.

You may know (Tell your story, or the patient’s story, and how it impacts everyone in the family.) 

Will you consider making a donation 
through my personal fundraising page in support of the walk to this incredible organization? <link to personal fundraising page> You could donate: $24 for the number of infusions I receive in a year, $48 for the age I was when I was diagnosed, or $1,200 for the 1 in 1,200 diagnosed with PI in the U.S. (Thousands more go undetected!)

Your tax-deductible gift supports IDF’s mission and helps members of our patient community. 

I'm sure that you receive solicitations from many people and for many worthy causes, but I can personally vouch for the impact that IDF makes in the lives of people with PI and would like to be able to add your support to my own.

Thanks so much for your consideration!

Share Your Story on Social Media

Tweet and/or post about the walk regularly, and make sure you use the #WalkforPI AND #StridewithIDFPride hashtag! Let people know why you are raising money for your team. You can share posts from the IDF Walk for PI Facebook page (
www.facebook.com/walkforPI), and be sure to include your own personal fundraising page link. Let people know what it is like to live with PI. Tell a story of meeting someone with PI for the first time, or attending an IDF event or meeting. Share information about IDF resources that have helped you in the past. 

Tip: Thank donors publicly by tagging them on social media. It gives them appropriate recognition for their support and is a great reminder for those who haven’t donated yet!  

Sample Social Media Posts:


  • Did you know that the average length between onset symptoms and a diagnosis of a primary immunodeficiency disease (PI) is between nine and 15 years? The Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF) works to improve the diagnosis and treatment of people #livingwithPI. Please support me as I walk to create a better future for the PI community. #WalkforPI <link to personal page>
  • I’m a zebra! In medical school, many doctors learn the saying, “When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras,” and are taught to focus on the likeliest possibilities when making a diagnosis, not the unusual ones. However, sometimes physicians need to look for a zebra. People with a primary immunodeficiency (PI) are the zebras of the medical world. So the Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF) says THINK ZEBRA! I’m walking to help create a better future for zebras everywhere. Help support me! #WalkforPI #THINKZEBRA <link to personal page>
  • Primary immunodeficiencies (PI) are a group of more than 400 rare, chronic disorders in which part of the body’s immune system is missing or functions improperly. While not contagious, these diseases are caused by hereditary or genetic defects. Some types affect a single part of the immune system, while others may affect one or more components of the system. I have PI, and I’m walking to support IDF. Join me! #WalkforPI <link to personal page>
  • People living with a primary immunodeficiency (PI) experience difficulties financing their healthcare, finding educational materials on the disease, and locating others with whom to share their experiences. IDF helps individuals overcome these difficulties. Help make a difference in the lives of individuals and families! Donate to my IDF Walk for PI page: <link to personal page>. #WalkforPI

  • #DYK that there are over 400 types of primary immunodeficiencies (PI)? Create a better future for those living with PI. #WalkforPI <link to personal page>
  • I’m only $xx away from my #WalkforPI goal. Help me reach and beat it by donating today! <link to personal page>
  • 350 thousand people in the U.S. are diagnosed with a primary immunodeficiency (PI) and thousands more go undetected. Help support those affected. #WalkforPI <link to personal page>
  • Physicians should go against norm & look for a zebra, not a horse. Support zebras living with chronic, rare primary immunodeficiencies (PI) through IDF #WalkforPI #THINKZEBRA. <link to personal page>

Questions? Contact IDF: walk@primaryimmune.org