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Team Zak Attack! 

Meet a member of our IDF Community, Zachary Huot. Zachary was diagnosed with Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID) in 2011. Since his diagnosis, Zachary and his mother, Heather, have become actively involved with the Immune Deficiency Foundation attending numerous IDF events, including IDF Walk for PI. 

Zachary and his herd have been attending IDF Walk for PI - Philadelphia every year since the walks began back in 2013. Each year, Zachary enjoys inviting his friends and family who make up his team, Zak Attack. It's an event that he looks forward to each fall as he gets to raise awareness by creating his own Zebra Zak Attack t-shirt, along with being able to connect and walk with fellow PI community members! 



Everyone in the PI community has a story, and we want to hear about yours! Film a short one or a two-minute clip of yourself explaining why you walk and/or what IDF Walk for PI means to you. Then submit the video by messaging us on the IDF Walk for PI Facebook. 

Not into being on camera? That's totally okay! Instead, write a short blog about your story and send it to mkressley@primaryimmune.org. 


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As a member of the TZ Kid's Club, you can participate in fun activities, receive a TZ Kid's Club membership card, and receive a cool prize. Download and print our TZ Tracker to get started.
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If you have a little zebra this is the perfect place for them. Click the videos below to view our virtual, illustrated storybook - A Zebra Tale. Available in English and Spanish! 



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