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Cary Walker

Cary Walker

Hello friends and family. I know many of you have already donated to Katy’s fundraiser for IDF, and thank you! BUT… I’m looking to raise more. I’m taking over a little bit for Katy, who’s already done a great job but is hoping to raise more for an organization so important to her. Many of you may not know that Katy is in the hospital. This is not uncommon for her, but this year has been particularly hard. She is a private person, and I respect that usually, but wanted to share just a little. After ending up in the ICU this Spring, she was hoping for a healthier year. She is still spending her days in isolation as the rest of the world has moved on. Unfortunately, what she thought was a strained back, turned into compression fractures in her spine. She spent all summer trying to heal and using a walker. She was getting ready to finally start physical therapy, when she had another fracture in the spine, as well as six rib fractures! I’m sure you can imagine the pain. All of this is caused by Osteoporosis due to her immune condition. On top of that, she is struggling with with an unknown infection that has had her in the hospital for well over a week so far. Despite all that, she told me she is disappointed she hasn’t been been able to fundraise more for the IDF walk, and won’t be able to participate in the actual walk, even though it’s in our neighboorhood this year. So, I will walk for her. I’m really terrible at asking for money, and I know that people are bombarded with requests to give all the time. If you can give even a little and haven’t, it would be appreciated. If you have, and could give a little more, it would be appreciated. If you can give a lot, it would be definitely be appreciated 😆 If you can just share, it would be appreciated. Thank you. It would mean so much to Katy, and to others this organization supports. They do really amazing work through their research and advocacy, and literally save lives. You can donate through me, or through Katy, or to other team members. Only a few weeks left!


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