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Gracie Kozel

Gracie Kozel

As many of you know, Gracie was diagnosed with a primary immune deficiency in April of 2022. Her deficiency is called Specific Antibody Deficiency with B cell phenotype and poor avidity. Antibodies are what our body creates in response to illnesses and vaccines. Healthy antibodies quickly attack the germ (virus, bacteria, or fungus) they were made specifically to fight. This is key to fighting off infections quickly and keeping us healthy. In Gracie’s body, the antibodies that are made often don’t recognize their specific germ. This allows the infection to worsen before other parts of her immune system step in to fight the infection. Also, even when her body makes functioning antibodies, her body often “throws them out” faster than it should. This means that vaccines and exposure to germs don’t protect her for as long as they should. Because of that, Gracie began immunoglobulin infusions in May. These are antibodies taken from donated blood. She will need these infusions for the rest of her life. While weekly infusions can at times be overwhelming for a 10 year old, we are hopeful they will help protect her and keep her out of the hospital.

The IDF has been an incredible support to our entire family. They have provided us with information, resources, and emotional support as we’ve navigated Gracie’s diagnosis and treatment. Because of that, we want to give back to help ensure that future families are able to get the support they need. Thank you for donating!

Much love,
The Kozel Family


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