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Maura Leonard

Maura Leonard

In the summer of 2016 I was diagnosed with Primary Immune Deficiencies. The 3 types of PI I was diagnosed with was: MBL Deficiency, Selective Antibody Deficiency (SAD), & hypogammaglobulinemia. A Primary Immune Deficiency is when the bodies immune system lacks the ability to provide protection. This means that I am unable to fight off infections & viruses easily or like someone with a “normal” immune system. When I was 20 I started noticing that every month I was getting sick with bronchitis and sinus infections sometimes twice a month. Unfortunately some of these infections landed me in the ICU or CCU for breathing issues, & because oral antibiotics where not working. Over the next 6 years I worked with my team of doctors and was thankful to find the reason why my body couldn’t protect its self.
The current treatment for PI is plasma infusions. Currently I do weekly Subq Igg each week for 5 hours. These infusions help to build my immune system up to provide the level of protection I need to fight off viruses & bacteria. Adjusting to life with PI hasn’t always been easy but I am optimistic about my future. Currently I’m obtaining my BA I’m business in the hopes that I can become a patient advocate! Please join me in raising money for this amazing foundation so that we can raise awareness & fund research for PI! Any amount helps!
Together, we can make a difference!


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