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Brianna Esposito

Brianna Esposito

Sadie was diagnosed with CVID (common variable immunodeficiency) in March of 2020 after a couple years of of her being sick very frequently.

The body's immune system fights infections by making antibodies. Antibodies are blood proteins that detect and destroy germs such as bacteria and viruses.

In CVID, ones immune system doesn't make enough antibodies, which makes people with CVID vulnerable to all different kinds of infections.

Since September of 2022, Sadie needed 10 doctor and 3 emergency room visits for respiratory illness or distress. These episodes can come on very quickly and often with little warning.

To treat her diagnoses, Sadie was on daily antibiotics for over two years and additional high doses through out the year when sick. When there was little improvement, Boston Childrens Hospital decided it was time to start IVIG, a monthly plasma infusion given via IV in her arm or hand. These treatments are every four weeks and will continue indefinitely.

The anxiety we feel when she sneezes or coughs has always been triggering for us. We never know if this is may be start of croup or respiratory infection. Despite her loving and playful nature, even when she’s sick she almost always will say “I’m fine”.

She’s a tough kid and has endured dozens of appointments with her various teams at Boston Childrens in Pulmonary, Immunology, GI, and ORL.

Last year Sadie and our family had an amazing time fundraising for IDF. With gratitude to so many of you, Sadie’s team reached just over $8,000 last year.

If you were able to support us on our journey this year, we would be so grateful 🤍

Thank you.


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