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My Walk for PI: Des Moines 2019 Fundraising Page

Rachel Allred

Rachel Allred

I'm raising money for the IDF walk once again! This year out in Des Moines, Iowa. It would mean a lot to me if you would consider donating to this amazing cause. The Immune Deficiency Foundation is very near and dear to me and I love having the chance to give back to them. Any amount helps! Thank you!


raised of $500 goal

Recent Donations

1. KTKarl Von Tiehl
2. RMRandy Marsh
3. JMJoe And Edna Moore
Rachel Good job making a difference !
4. FPFred And Kathy Porter
5. FMFaith Mcdonald
I'm so proud of you girl!!! You are doing great things in life. I miss you.
6. MLMelissa Laidlaw