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My Walk for PI: Des Moines 2020 Fundraising Page

Sara Penn

Sara Penn

In 2011, our daughter, Samantha, was diagnosed with Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID), an inherited disorder where babies are born with a dysfunctional or non-existent immune system and the most serious of the primary immunodeficiencies. Unfortunately, resources which would have allowed for an easy diagnosis of this disorder were not available at the time of her birth. We didn't find out until Samantha was far too sick, her little body riddled with viruses, that this disorder even existed. She passed away just two short months after her diagnosis, at the age of 20 months. Ever since then, the Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF) has been a constant source of support for our family as we find ways to grieve her and advocate for other families like ours.

Due to the recent pandemic, many of you have heard over and over about those with compromised immune systems being most at risk of serious and deathly consequences if infected with COVID-19. Children and adults like Samantha - those diagnosed or yet to be diagnosed with a primary immune disorder - are still facing these very serious risks. The IDF continues to be a source of education and support for those members of the primary immune disorder community who are even more worried about their health now than ever. The IDF also funds research that helps treat and protect those with primary immune disorders.

Please join me in walking virtually (and perhaps a socially-distanced neighborhood walk TBA later) and supporting this great cause! We understand funds may be tighter than usual right now, but any money you can donate would be greatly appreciated or become a team member and raise funds on your own! ~ Love, Samantha's Mom


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