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My Walk for PI: Des Moines 2019 Fundraising Page

Peggy Gepford

Peggy Gepford

Thank you so much for your consideration for donating to the Immune Deficiency Foundation. Every dollar I raise will advance Immune Deficiency Foundation's great cause!

At age 46 I was diagnosed with a illness called CVID. This is something I was born with but it took 46 years to diagnose it. With the help of the IDF now infants are actually screened for immune disorders when they are born. This makes it very good for their lives because they won't have the organ damage that I have due to being sick all of my life! It is a really blessing that the IDF is working for all of us! My passion is to support this group. Many of us have been helped tremendously by them with the knowledge and research they have done and continue to do!


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