Greetings people! As many of you do not know much about me, I thought I would take this time to share some personal information and add a solicitation request to the end. So, if you have completed all of your charitable giving for this year, you don’t really need to read this email. If you have a few minutes to read about me and/or a couple of bucks to spare, please read on, and determine for yourself whether or not this is a cause you can support. I have experienced great loss in my life that has drawn me and my family very close together. A few years ago, my older brother passed away, which sent me into a depressive episode. So much of my life and identity was based off him and everything he had taught me since our father passed away. I was distraught, angry, and engaged in self-destructive habits. I was very close to calling it quits and returning, defeated, to live with my mother. And then my brother-in-law, Curtis, stepped in. We had never been close before as he is 10+ years older than me and I was a douchebag teenager/20-something. Plus, he had a better relationship with my brother. But he was there to talk to me when I needed answers or just to listen to me vent. He helped me keep my head on, work through my issues, and continue to be an asset at work. And then COVID hit… You see, Curtis has a unique medical condition. He has an extremely compromised immune system with a condition that is known as PI. I have watched, over the years, as his small infections/illnesses have wreaked havoc on his body. So, when COVID hit, he ostensibly became the boy in the bubble. He and my sister have been quarantined in their house for well over 1000 days. They get outside a bit more now that restrictions have lifted and people are becoming immunized but they still do not get to enjoy the world the way we do. It is because of Curtis that I started reading and collecting comics a year or two ago (after buying his birthday present). We have become even closer since I started reading comics and I usually try to spend a few hours of my free weekends outside his window reading comics with him. To get to the point; every year Curtis and my family raise funds for IDF, which is the foundation that helps support people with PI. Since they have compromised immune systems and we are on the forefront of a new virus, lots of these people get their news and information directly from IDF. Curtis and my sister set up donation pages and goals every year and have not failed to meet them yet. I have joined their team and set my own goals for fundraising. I am hoping you will join me on this week-long fundraising adventure. As always; there are a lot of folks in need. If this doesn’t meet your giving plan or budget for this year, no worries. There are many deserving charities out there, but this is the one that I plan every year for.