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My Walk for PI: New Orleans 2020 Fundraising Page

Christopher Martens

Christopher Martens

Watching my wife, Mary Lou, endure doctor visit after doctor visit while her condition continued to deteriorate was heartbreaking. We were utterly without an answer until a chance visit with an immunologist raised the prospect of her issues stemming from an immunodeficiency (IDF) disorder.

70-90% of people with an Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) disorder remain undiagnosed, many continuing to amass tissue and organ damage from repeated infections. Our goal with the New Orleans Walk for PI is to not only generate money for research into treatments and diagnoses, but to raise awareness of these conditions in order to help others achieve remission.

For my NOLA friends and those in the local area: We'd love to have you on our team or have you sign up with a team of your own!


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