Hey y’all! Emeric was diagnosed at the age of 2 with a form of Primary Immune Deficiency. Even before he turned two he was in and out of the hospital with chronic infections such as 8 ear infections, 4 upper respiratory infections, 4 sinus infections, bronchitis 4 times, and croup, RSV and pneumonia all twice. Along with many other viruses and smaller infections in between! To keep him as healthy as possible and able to play and act almost like a normal little boy, we started plasma infusions that he receives at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans every 4 weeks. These have truly been life savers for him! There currently is no cure and without one he will be dependent on these infusions for the rest of his life. Help us support the Immune Deficiency Foundation and more research so this little guy, and many others like him, can live normal healthy lives!