My name is Jennifer, and I was diagnosed with Primary Immunodeficiency earlier this year at 25 years old. At 21, I had persistently swollen lymph nodes, which led to a minor surgery and an inconclusive biopsy result. A couple years later, I began to experience much more frequent sinus and respiratory infections and a lot of fatigue. I saw several specialists and had more labs run than I can count. In the meantime, I had a tonsillectomy in an attempt to reduce the rate of infections, and that was unsuccessful. An immunologist finally diagnosed me with Specific Antibody Deficiency, which means that I don't properly make antibodies to certain types of bacteria. Because this is a less severe form of immunodeficiency and fairly newly discovered disorder, there is limited information available for patient education. The Immune Deficiency Foundation has been the best source of information for all aspects of my disease, and I am participating in Walk for PI to help IDF continue to support patients like me.