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My Walk for PI: St. Paul 2020 Fundraising Page

Jill Elles

Jill Elles

Together, we can make a difference!

Rick was diagnosed with Primary Immunodeficiency - Common Variable Immune Deficiency in October 2018. The diagnosis come after he got very sick from salmonella positioning, which resulted in many complications. Since Rick’s diagnosis he endured weekly infusions of Immune Globulin to help maintain he health.

What is CVID? Rick does not have a functioning immune system, he body is unable to fight off common infections or retain vaccinations to protect he from illnesses and diseases. In return he needs to receive a blood plasma product I help give his immunity to common illnesses and disease he is not protected against. Rick will need to get weekly infusions for the rest of his life to sustain a semi-normal immune system.

Covid19 has come with additional concerns for those with immune deficiencies. As all our worlds have changes due to this pandemic. We have approach this Covid19 challenge with great caution and our primary focus this summer has been safe and health.

We don’t know what the future holds with this diagnosis as every person with CVID is different and have different ailments hence the zebra symbol but I know we have the support and love of our family and friends.

Thanks for reading!

With love,
Jill & Rick


Walk on Aug 27 day 17

Day 15 of 32 - walk for IDF


Day 9 of 32 - walking of IDF


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Best wishes to your family Jill! Stay smart, stay safe!
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