Hey guys! This page is a fundraiser for Primary Immune Deficiency. For those of you who have limited awareness, Primary Immune Deficiency (PI) occurs when part of the body’s immune system is missing, or not functioning normally, allowing infections and other health disorders to occur more easily. This is a cause that is near to my heart. During my early childhood I struggled with chronic illness and finding the root cause was puzzling for my parents. It wasn’t until age five, through their advocacy, that I was finally diagnosed with PI. My family was frightened at first but coming to understand the disease has helped us navigate it and ultimately led to a better quality of life for all of us. This has been an important year in my life. I have been working on a project for my Bar Mitzvah which will happen in the Spring of 2021, and I have been living with PI during the Covid-19 Pandemic. On one hand, it is scary to think about becoming infected with Covid-19 when I have a compromised immune system and, on the other, I see that now everyone is experiencing life as I know it every day. I have always lived with an understanding of social distance, avoiding anyone who has been sick, staying out of crowds and washing my hands frequently. I do this to remain healthy and safe. Now everyone must do these things to remain healthy and safe. With that in mind I decided that a campaign to inform the public about Primary Immune Deficiency would fit with the goals of community service in my Bar Mitzvah Project, as understanding the immune system and communicable disease has never been more important. I have teamed up with the Immune Deficiency Foundation and will be participating in the IDF Walk for Primary Immune Deficiency. It is virtual, of course, so anyone can do it from anywhere. Any funds I raise will be used by the Immune Deficiency Foundation to provide educational resources, programs for families, and support research on this disease. Most importantly it will support the search for plasma donations that are desperately needed to treat Covid and are also necessary for the only known treatment of many immune deficiencies. In Yiddish “L’ Chaim!” means “To Life!” So it is in that spirit that my team is called “Team L’Chaim! Life to The Max!” It is my sincere wish that all people living with PI will be able to live “Life to The Max”! If you think you might be able to help (no amount is too small)! Feel free to share this letter and link with your friends and family! I really appreciate your support! Sincerely, Maxwell Palance