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Ashlee Begell

Ashlee BeGell

When I was four years old I was diagnosed with primary immunodeficiency. When I was diagnosed there was very little knowledge of immunodeficiency. My biggest struggle with the diagnosis was that I was a growing child that felt alone with what I was battling. I had never met or known anyone with my disease until I was 12 years old and being sick was all I’ve ever known. It was hard for myself to understand my disease when doctors didn’t even understand it. This walk is an initiative to stop this cycle. The IDF walk for PI will increase awareness and advocacy so that no one feels alone with their diagnosis. With treatment and support, I have never felt so healthy. I graduated with my undergraduate degree at the University of Arizona. Go cats! I am currently a first year student in pharmacy school at Midwestern University-Glendale.


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Ashlee you are an INCREDIBLE, GENUINE, BRAVE person and I’m so lucky to have met you at U of A. ♥️
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