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My IDF Walk for PI Coast to Coast Fundraising Page

Karen Kohler

Karen Kohler

I plan on walking at least 100 miles to raise money for the Immune Deficiency Foundation(IDF). So far I have walked 32.1 miles, 28.7 miles, and 30.3 miles. Closing in on my goal with a total of 91.1 miles. This week and next will put me way over the 100 miles. I will consider this walk completed after my 2 October 3 mile community walk for PI.

The IDF provides education and support to those with primary immune deficiencies, like me. They also provide support for research for a cure. During this COVID crisis more people are aware of how critical immune systems are, and how vulnerable we are without them. By making a contribution to this fundraiser you will advance Immune Deficiency Foundation's great cause.

Together, we can make a difference!

You can learn more about primary immune deficiency, Common Variable Immune Deficiency (my specific disease) , and the Immune Deficiency Foundation.


Thank you for considering your support.


raised of $1,500 goal


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Best of luck with your new journey!
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Thank you for raising awareness thru community involvement!
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