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Stride with IDF Coast to Coast allows you to raise awareness and funds from anywhere and anytime!

Even if you can’t attend a walk in person, there is a whole community of people living with PI that you can represent online. Stride with IDF Coast to Coast not only helps unite members of the PI community but shows the support and encouragement they have online from coast to coast. Get started today by creating awareness by doing the simple things listed below! 
  • Start by registering for Stride with IDF Coast to Coast. By doing this, you will automatically be given a personal fundraising page where you can personalize your profile to include how you have personally been affected by PI, along with being able to monitor and meet your fundraising goals. On top of this, you will also receive an IDF Walk for PI 2020 t-shirt! 
  • Be an advocate by posting on your social media. You can easily share the virtual walk and your personal fundraising link on social media so your friends and family can easily donate towards your campaign all from online. Do you still want more ideas of what to post? We have more resources located here!
  • Tell your family and friends about IDF and the work that we do. By informing and educating others about PI and how IDF is making a difference it will help raise awareness and funds in the process. 
  • Complete activities and challenges each week that you and your whole herd can complete! Click here to get started. 
  • Raise funds to make an impact on patients and families living with PI. You can create a Facebook Fundraiser, ask your family and friends to donate, or host a fundraiser such as a community cook-out! Need more ideas? View some of our fundraising resources here!
  • For those of you who rely on IG therapy and are concerned about plasma supply issues, we are pleased to announce the launch of IDF’s newest initiative - Plasma Hero. This brand new IDF initiative has a website that includes a plasma center locator for people interested in donating. Find a center near you and donate today: https://plasmahero.org/be-heroic 
  • Come together with fellow zebras for a morning celebration filled with inspirational guest speakers, fun warm-up, games, get you moving music, and more on Saturday, August 22 via Zoom at 11:00 AM (ET).
You are powerful, not only in person but also virtually. It is more important now than ever before to raise funds for those affected by PI. Get started today by registering now!