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Jorey's Walk for Primary Immunodeficiency Fundraising Page

Jorey Berry

Jorey Berry

In January I made a pivotal decision in my life. I committed the next phase of my career to supporting the immunocompromised. What I have learned in just 6 months has been both inspiring and humbling. I learned what it means to be born with part of your immune system missing or not functioning properly. I met incredible people who triumph over their condition every day. But I also learned of the challenges of living with a rare condition and my heart ached for those who faced years of isolation, frustration, and illness in their journey to a diagnosis. In a world where so many of us get to return to our normal lives, the immunocompromised do not. Fear and anxiety persist.

The Immune Deficiency Foundation empowers those living with a primary immunodeficiency through education, advocacy and research. And we're on a mission to reach the undiagnosed as well.

Will you please help me support this very special organization in the lives of so many? You can do so by making a contribution to my fundraiser and even sharing this page with your family and friends. I would be forever grateful. Thank you.


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