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Maintaining optimism and enthusiasm

Koryn Anderson

Koryn Anderson

I admit – this spring, I was super optimistic. I was confident that our next immunology appointment would be the “open the gates” appointment.* We would be able to relax our quarantine. We would be able to have family meals, give hugs, attend happy hours with coworkers, and (most importantly) get haircuts. (Insert buzzer sound here.)

So, quarantine continues…In fact, December 7th marks Curtis’s 1000th day in quarantine. It sounds depressing. Right? Kind of like a Gabriel García Márquez novel – 1000 days of quarantine? Well, we are determined to WALK straight up to that milestone with the same optimism and enthusiasm we have mustered the last 900+ days. (Insert mental picture of Curtis and Koryn delivering Christmas gifts last year in coordinated holiday pajamas and Santa hats.)

The best way to WALK up to that milestone is to participate again this year in IDF’s annual fundraising walk. This year, we are once again maintaining social distancing and participating virtually; but we don’t want to rob you of the opportunity to embarrass Curtis.

- If we raise $11K ($1000 more than last year’s walk day goal) by 11:59pm on Friday, October 7th, Curtis will wear his NEW zebra costume at the Milwaukee County Zoo for the walk on October 8th. He was insistent upon a new costume this year.

- If we don’t meet the October deadline, but we still surpass $20K ($1000 more than last year’s total) by 11:59pm on December 6th, Curtis will walk in his zebra costume at the Zoo on Friday, December 9th.

- If you donate plasma TWICE between now and December 7th, we will donate $100 in your name. Plasma donations are what keep Curtis alive and healthy – this is also how Curtis will get the necessary antibodies, from others who have had the virus or who have been vaccinated.

There are a lot of folks in need. If this doesn’t meet your giving plan or budget for this year, no worries. We would still love to hear from you. Drop us an email or text when/if you think of it.

*This optimism might have been wishful thinking after challenging times to start the year – losing our immunology team (15+ years) to retirement and our homecare nurse (7+ years) to insurance changes; missed funerals, weddings, family milestones; and a severe quality television drought. On the plus side, we did manage to get approval for Curtis to be able to hug his mom on Mother’s Day!


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